Human Homo Family Evolution

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Human Homo Family Evolution

Human Homo Family Evolution Abraham Hernandez

Homo HeildelbergensisHeight: 5'2-5'9weight: 112-136 lbsFirst to travel to Europe, First to build ground shelters, first to hunt huge animals consistantly. Lived in the cold. Improved tools, good at fire.

homo erectusHeight: 4'9 - 6'1weight: 88-150 lbscontrolled fire, used simple tools, lived life on land, cared for the old and weak, knew how to run long distances, first spread away from Africa. Longest lived species in our family tree ever.

1.89 million To 143,000 years ago

Homo NeanderthalensisHeights: 5'1-5'5Weight: 119-143 lbsLived in cold climates,created and wore clothing,first to create language, buired their dead, marked and placed flowers on their burial, hunted huge animals, sewed clothing. learned how to catch fish, often drew in caves, learned how to skin animals. Advanced tools, great at fire.

Homo FloresiensisHeight: 3'6Weight: 66 lbsco existed with modern human sapiens, called hobbits, small brains, large teeth, large feets, short legs, small bodies, no chins, foreheads went back. Most recent "homo species" to go extinct. hunted large animals, used fire, used tools.

Homo SapiensHeight: 5'6Weight 136 lbsAdvanced warfare, advanced technology, medinice, Much More

700,000 to 200,000 years ago



200,000 to 40,000 years ago

95,000 to 17,000 years ago

200,000 years ago to present


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