Human growth hormone(HGH)

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Human growth hormone(HGH)

If they keep on taking drugs but, doesn’t get caught they might think it’s a great way and don’t feel guilty anymore. A famous America football team took drugs before the game. Even though fans knew about this, they didn’t cared about it. They just wanted their team to win. So, some teenagers are thinking taking drugs are not really a bad thing, because nobody cares and athletes are not causing trouble.

I think international groups should have to prevent athletes from taking drugs. Athletes are people who loves to exercising and want to compete other from fair play. But, if they take drugs, I think that means that they don’t want to become a athlete. So, we should better have to deprive their athlete qualification.

Human growth hormone

How is the drug taken?



Why do people take this drug?

A weight lifter, and a baseball player - this drug help the batter hit a homerun.

How does the drug change two body systems?

People take this drug because it keeps them feel and look youthful. It makes the skin more flexible and makes the bone stronger. One of the old used this drug and her skin became like a 20 years old girls skin and her knee pain was all gone. Also, it could make you sleep well and enhance their memorizing skill.


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Adults should spray 3 times a day, 5times a week. Also, you should have to take it right before exercising once in three times. They should have to avoid spraying it half an hour after and before meals. After spraying it keep it inside your mouth for 30-60 seconds and than swallow it.

Muscular system- The muscular system is the main system of our body. It is responsible for the movement of the human body. When you take this drug your muscle will become stronger without exercising.Source :"Muscular System." InnerBody. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Oct. 2013.Reproductive system – The reproductive system is a collection of organs that work together for the purpose of producing a new life. Scientists argue that the reproductive system is among the most important systems in the entire body. If you take this drug, it higher’s your sexual function.

How does this performance enhancing drug affect ethics?

How could performance enhancing drugs change the culture of sports?

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It changes the culture of sport because we are not playing games in a honest way. An athlete is a person to make muscles by exercising and who could handle tough training. However, if the athletes take drug and perform. Everybody in the world is able to be an athlete. And if this continues, in the future the Olympics could become “who took more drug”

What should international groups do about performance enhancing drugs?

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What sport people used it?


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