Human Growth Hormone

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Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone

2. In what sport have people used the drug?: Players in various sports including basketball, Amercian football, soccer, rugby, weightlifting, and etc. A lot of Professional athletes doing sports that require a lot of human strength and stamina were caught using HGH.

1.How is HGH taken?:Human growth hormone istaken either orally or injected.Few decade before, injectingwas much common but recentlypeople can find HGH in spray type or pill type.

4. How does the drug change human body systems?: HGH can affect a human's muscle system. If a person wanted to build muscles without HGH, that person's muscular system would require some time to be worked out. Because HGH boost unifications of protein tissues, which is how we get muscles, people who got assistance from HGH can more easilly build muscles and abate fat compared to people who did not get help from HGH supplements. Human growth hormone can also cause immune/lympatic system to have a significant change. How would lympatic/immune system would normally work without additional HGH supplement is that the amount of white blood cells produced would be commensurate to the amount that the body need. But when if HGH supplement is taken into the lymphatic system, the white blood cells would be made more than its limit, which will stimulize quicker recovery of injuries.

3. How does HGH enhance performance?: HGH is used by many athletes to get more energy, build muscles, and decrease body fat. It is proven that if HGH is used with steroids like anabolic steroids can immensely increase a person's ability in sprinting sports such as running, swimming, cycling, and etc. Human growth hormone is also used for athletes to recover from injuries more quickly.

5. How does this performance enhancing drug affect ethics?: Owing to the fact that human growth hormone increases one's athletic abilities aritificially, it hugely influences ethics. Using performance enhancing drug is form of cheating. If athletes who administer hgh for huge competitions such as Oympics, those athletes can more easilly obtain medals that they do not deserve. These athletes can have unfair advantages.It disturbs the sense of fair play and give disadvantages to players who did not use performance enhancing drug.

7. Should sporting organizations, such as FIFA, have a drug policy or let drugs and certain procedures come into the sport? What is your justification?: Sporting organizations like FIFA should think of more strict policies governing drugs and drug testing methods for the reasons followed.First of all, sporting organizations are very irresponsible about drug testing about players. It is as if they would not care about usage of performance enhancing drugs if players keep being competitive and entertaining for sport fans. I know for a fact that NFL does not really not have regular testing methods organized. NFL tell players when the drug testing will take place a day before, giving plenty of time for athletes to cheat drug testing. Secondly, performance enhancing drug can be deleterious to athletes' healths. For instance, the side effects of human growth hormone includes nerve, muscle, joint pain, numbness or tingling of skin, high cholestrol levels, enlarged organs, and etc.For professional athletes to be healthy and to be role models for aspiring athletes in middle and high school, and it is important that they set stricter drug testing methods. I think sporting organizations can easily achieve this by keeping drug testing time absolutely covert from players and employing more precise methods like the usage of antibodies (WADA is trying to get this method ubiquitous.) that detect whether HGH was used or not.

6. How could performance enhancing drugs change the culture of sports?: Performance enhancing drugs can change the culture of sports by giving atheletes a notion that cheating is okay. If the use of performance enhancing drugs become ubiquitous in athletic society, athletic society will be more viable with athletes trying to procure performance enhancing drugs and the pressure to win games will be worsened. Athletes would only be relying on performance enhancing drugs like HGH to win their games but make no effort to do so by their true athletic abilities and diligence. Moreover, if the use of performance enhancing drug become prevalent in athletic society, it might impact aspiring high school athletes into thinking that using hgh is okay.

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Video about HGH

What is human growth hormone?: HGH is an inherent hormone of humans that is produced by pituitary gland. HGH is in charge of metabloism, muscle growth, development of children, a person's energy level, and etc. HGH's production reaches peak during people's teenage years and gradually decline throughout life. People with HGH deficieny are perscribed by doctors to get HGH injections, but sometimes certain people like athletes or body builders get HGH supplement or injections wrongly in hopes of quick recovery, high energy levels, and bigger muscles.

Basic Information

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My Viewpoint

During my research, I've found out that Human growth hormone is not only used as performance enhancing drugs but also anti-aging or diet supplemets. The orginal purpose of HGH was to be remedies for people with HGH defiency, not to be auxillary goods for people who want to obtain lean and prettier appearances. The usage of human growth hormone can result in unprecedented side effects such as enlarged organs, hands, or feet. Therefore, I think the countries which have wide spread usage of human growth hormone should pass ordinances that call for strict regulations in addition to sportaing organizations's own governing rules pertaining to human growth hormone.

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