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Human Genetics Project

There are 3 types of muscle: striated, cardiac, and smooth muscle. Cardiac and smooth muscles contract without consious thought and termed involuntary, whereas the skeletal muscles contract upon command.

Muscle Contraction process

The Muscular System video

Muscular System

Flexors and ExtensorsFlexors and extensors bend and straighten the body's joints to create motion and activate other muscle groups, generating muscle activity.Flexors work to bend a joint. when you 'flex' your muscles, your flexors contract and pull on the bone, creating a bening movement of the joint.Extensors serve as extending and straightening joints. For example: In a bicep curl, the extensor muscles contract as the fist is let down from the shoulder. The same occurs with walking or running, as hip extensors contract and pull the thigh back to the anatomical position.

Muscle Fatigue


Substrate shortage is one of the causes of metabolic fatigue. substrates are depleted during exercise, resulting in a lack of intracellular energy sources to fuel contractions. THUS-> the muscle stops contracting because it lacks the energy to do so.

Muscles, bones, and tendonsLigaments and tendons are fiberous brands of connective tissue that attach to bone. Ligaments connect two or more bones together and help stabilize joints. Tendons attach muscle to bone.

The all-or-none law is the principal that the strength by which a nerve or muscle fiber responds to a stimulus is independent of the strength of the stimulus. If that stimulus exeeds the threshold potential, the nerve or muscle fiber will give a complete response; otherwise, there is no response.

The Adominal muscle is located on the stomach.The Deltoids, located at the top of the shoulders.Trapezius muscle, located in the upper and mid back.The Tricep, found back of the upper arm.Latissimus Dorsi is the triangular muscle found on the midback.

Rhomboids, located between the shoulder blades.Pectoralis, located front of upper chest.Erector Spinae, it found on the low of the back.Obliques, located on the sides of the body.Biceps found on the front of the upper arm.

Major Muscles

Major Muscles

*FUN FACT*Acetylcholine is used during several kinds of eye surgery to make the eye muscles contract and constrict the pupil.Cholinesterase is a family of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine into choline and acetic acid.

Myology, is the study of the muscular system, including the study of the structure, function, and dieseases of muscle.


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