Human evolution

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Earth History

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Human evolution

Where did Humans Migrate to?

-Early humans began migrating out of Africa 1.8 to 2 million years ago near 125,000 B.C-As hominids spread across the world they followed the coasts where resources were rich-Humans first arrived in Europe around 45,000years ago-Early humans reached Asia 75,000 years ago-Hominids inhabited Australia about 60,000 years ago -Humans arrived in America 30,000 years ago -By 28,000 B.C homo sapiens had replaced all other human species-Scientists have not yet confirmed exactly why humans migrated out of Africa though there are many theories-Some scientists believe hominids left due to the population increase which resulted in a higher demand for resources-Other theories suggest new adaptations and skills allowed humans to leave Africa

Human Evolution

What did HumansOriginate from?

-Humans are believed to have originated from apes, gorillas, monkeys, and chimpanzees about 7 million years ago -Between 2 to 3 million years ago hominids evolved from australopithecus into homo sapiens-Exactly what humans originated from remains undecided-Some scientists think humans could have evolved from Neanderthals since they both share common ancestors called Homo heidelbergensis-Humans are also believed to be closely related to australopithecus


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