Human Evolution

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Human Evolution

Human evolution

By:Jochebed Osei

Divergent Evolution: Divergent evolution is when species have had an ancestral species or when they become increasingly distinct. This occurs when population starts to change once they start to adapt to different environmental conditions. This cause population to become less alike as they adapt which results two different species. According to the article Homo were first human species to discover in east Africa. Some of the Homo habilis have moved to Dmanisi and over time have adapted to Dmanisi environment and evolved to Homo erectus.

Natural selection: Charles Darwin has a theory called evolution of natural selection. He believed that life changes and continues to change. According to this article Lordkipanidze discovered that this skull contain humans identity. This proves Charles Darwins theory to be correct because this skull is an early stage of humans during our evolution. Looking at the Homo erectus and the euhominid skull, you will notice that over the years we have changed our body forms.

Ailopatric is when is a population of two or more isolated groups due to geographical barrier. Sympatric speciation is when a population diverge in the same geographical area. While looking at this article, I will say all ailopatric speciation is more connected to the article. Homo habilis have moved from east Africa to Damnisi. Which the population that has moved from east Africa to Dmanisi has evolved to Homo erectus.

Fossils: Fossils proves species that have lived in the past. This is found in sedimentary rock. Fossils are able to reveal history about life on earth and reveal different kinds of organisms that lived in the past. A Theory is a idea that can be true or false but there is no evidence to support the persons ideas. The fossil in this article shows a skull that is around 1.8 million years old that belongs to a Homo erectus. This is able to prove Charles Darwin’s theory to be correct. This fossil proves that Homo erectus have lived on earth, which means that us humans have evolved while earth on our history was changing. We have now evolved to this form today.


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