[2015] Aneeqa Malik (Sem 2 McAdam Geo Pd 1): Human Activities of Saint John, New Brunswick

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[2015] Aneeqa Malik (Sem 2 McAdam Geo Pd 1): Human Activities of Saint John, New Brunswick

Rockwood Park CampgroundOne of Canada's largest municipal parks which includes hiking trails, golf courses, 6 lakes, horseback-riding, a zoo, and local utilities

The Human Activities In Saint John, New Brunswick

Cherry Brook ZooThis zoo is located in the northern part of the rockwood park campground. Since this is the only zoo in Atlantic Canada with exotic animals (such as lions, tigers, etc), the air cannot be too dry or too moist. Therefore, Saint John's m,aritime climate is good for these animals, thanks to all of the lakes surrounding this city.

How this activity is related to geographyThe hiking trails are in forests, the golf courses are in flat, lowlands, the trails are surrounded by 6 lakes that make the air moist.

Tourist SitesThe main sites that are worth seeing include: Prince William's walk,, The Loyalist trail, the Victorian stroll, Carleton Martello Tower National Historic Site, Cherry Brook Zoo, New Brunswick Museum, Three Sisters Lamp, Irving Park,, Rockwood Park,, The Reversing Falls, and King's Square & the Loyalist Burial Ground.

The Reversing FallsThis waterfall is famous for its rapids that go backwards because the harsh winds that push those rapids towards the falls. Taht is why this tourist site is also known as, ''The Reversing Rapids.'' It is also known for its crazy boat ride that takes you around the falls.


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    Great background image! Layout looks organized. Rather than having scroll bars for text, reduce the text size or reduce the number of words you're using in the boxes. The list of sites is good - it would help to know something about those sites. Other than golf and hiking, what can a person do in Saint John? Isn't it next to the Bay of Fundy and the ocean?
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