[2014] Chahat Pannu (Sem 1 McAdam Geo Pd 1): Human Activities

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[2014] Chahat Pannu (Sem 1 McAdam Geo Pd 1): Human Activities

Fast Facts - The land area is 44.33 square kilometres with a population density of 779.7 persons per square kilometre.(Focus on Geography Series, 2011 Census) - Agriculture is ranked #1 in the industry on P.E.I.(Focus on Geography Series, 2011 Census)

Human ActivitesCharlottetown

Farmers Markets are very popular in Charlottetown, as it brings different cultures together to learn new recipes.

Seafood is very popular in Charlottetown mainly due to the fishing industry and bodies of water that surround the island.

Victoria ParkThis park is one of Charlottetowns tourist attractions where many go for a variety of outdoor activites and to be able to walk on the boardwalk along the shore to take in the beauty of the island..

The Cavendish Beach Music Fesival.This is an anual music festival celebrated in mid-July where many celebrites perform their songs. This event is usually held for 3 days.

Must See Places!Confederation Centre of the Arts.St. Dunstan's Basilica.Port-La-Joyce-Fort Amherst.Confederation Trail.

The International Tea House is an event that takes place from January to March to celebrate food, entertainment and cultures from around the world.

This is the local map!


Fishing is very popular in Charlottetown. It is the main source of income for the islanders.

A map of the region.

The Anne of Green Gables Museum is a popular tourist attration! Here you can discover the great story behind the book.

Cavendish Beach Misic Festival

Victoria Park/ Charlottetown Boardwalk.

Good Ways To Be Alone.

Prince Edwards Island Cnada's smallest and tastiest province.

International Tea House

Prince Edward Island

The Maritime Provinces

Anne of Green Gables Museum

Prince Edward Island Culinary Food Traditions Charlottetown Prince Edwards Island Canada.


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    This poster has a lot of great images! The video is good too - all about food. Please check over the text - there are several spelling and grammar errors that need fixing.

    The regional map is a pretty big area - it's hard to spot your island in all that. A smaller map, perhaps just of the maritimes would be better. You've named some places to visit but haven't described them at all. A one-sentence description for each would help the readers to know why they should visit. Please cite your statistics! Finally, what can I do there for recreation. You mentioned a variety of activities that can be done in the park, but there's nothing specific. Can I go hiking, fishing, whale watching...?
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