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Peer influences play a huge role in child development. Most adolecents seek the aproval of their peers moreso than supurb grades. Student, durig adolescents, strive to to be popular; however, popularity can often lead to low grades and even lifelong effects such as alcohol and drugs. (Ryan, 2011)

The media has a huge influence on chilnce on adolescents in this day and age. Students spend majority of their times on their phone and on different forms of social media. It is suggested that educaatotors integrate technology into their learning in orrder to keep the attention inof the hg

Social environment has a great influence on children learning. Statistics show that one third of all Americans live in single parent house house and two thirds of that percentage is African American. Forty percent of adolescents who live in single parent house holds are liveing elow the poverty line. This is because they are also living in a single income homes.

Family Influences

Peer Influences

Media Influences

Human Development


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