[2015] David Reinwald: Hulk - Screen Adaptations

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[2015] David Reinwald: Hulk - Screen Adaptations

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Hulk (2003)

The Avengers (2012, 2015)

Easily one of the most memorable characters in the superhero genre is Lou Ferrigno's adaptation of the green monster Hulk. Ferrigno, as well as Bill Bixby portraying Dr. David (Bruce) Banner, were able to bring an entirely new dimension to the traditional comic book story line. By using interesting and innovative effects, the 1978 TV series became a fantasy classic and introduced a generation to The Incredible Hulk.

The TV Series (1978)

In 2003, The Hulk hit the big screen in the self titled film, "Hulk". Eric Bana was cast to play Bruce Banner while a CGI created Hulk was used for the movie instead of a live actor. The abundant use of CGI was beginning to become the standard in the fantasy genre, but some critics found the effects to be distracting. The film was also criticized for having a convoluted storyline; however, these critiques did not keep viewers away. Hulk successfully entertained audiences and helped propel Marvel to the cinematic juggernaut that it is today.

The Hulk story was again rebooted in 2008 with "The Incredible Hulk". Bruce Banner was played by Edward Norton in the revival, while the Hulk continued to be portrayed via CGI. "The Incredible Hulk" was the movie many Hulk fans wanted to see, simply because it consisted of less talking and more destruction. The film was praised for having an excellent action sequences and for meshing nicely with the new Phase One Marvel movies.

The same characterization of the Hulk found in the 2008 film, can be found in "The Avengers" movies, but with a new actor taking the role of Dr. Banner. Mark Ruffalo's Banner has been well received by viewers because of his quieter depiction. The Hulk was also a crowd favorite in the movie by utilizing his incredible feats of strength and aggressive nature to add both comic relief and incredible action sequences.


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