Hugo Grotius

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Social Studies

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Hugo Grotius

The conventional wisdom of the time was that war was moral and you could declare war just to expand their nation. Hugo's new idea was to not attack other nations just from greed, only for defense. This peaceful thinging was not popular with the public. He was hated by politicians, and eventually imprisoned. He escaped with the help of his wife, Maria. Though Hugo's assertion wasn't accepted until after his death

Hugo Grotius

Birth Date: April 10th, 1583.Place: Delft, NetherlandsEducation: Studied natural law, social contract, humanism, scholasticism.Death: August 28th, 1645 in Rostock, Germany.Marriage: Maria von Reigersbergen. Had four sons and three daughters.

Hugo's ideas changed the morals of war. Now, most wars are faught when two nations feel threatened, not for greed. I like Hugo's assersion. Lives don't need to be wasted for the uneeded growth of one nation

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Statue of Hugo Grotius.

Hugo Grotius posing for a painting.

Maria planning to break Hugo out of prison



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