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Huey Percy Newton

Huey Percy Newton was born on February 17th, 1942 in Monroe, Louisiana. He was the youngest child of seven, and was born to Amelia Johnson and Walter Newton. While growing up in Oakland, California, he got into trouble with the law a lot, even as an adult. Huey ended up co-founding the Black Panther Party along with Bobby Seale in 1966.His most known run in with the law would be when he was arrested and accused of killing an Oakland police officer and was sentenced to 2 to 15 years imprison. This sparked the saying used by millions and written on posters across the country, "Free Huey". After a couple of trials, he was released. After this, he started to take his education more seriously. In high school, he did not even know how to read! So, Huey became his own teacher and decided to teach himself. As part of the Black Panthers, they took action, but not with peaceful gestures like Martin Luther King Jr., they believed in violence. They believed that violence, or just the threat of it, would be enough to make social change. This did not help their cause at all. Now the Black Panthers were viewed as a harsh group, which made people more scared and hating of them than ever. So, when the Black Panther Party's treasurer Bobby Hutton was killed in 1968, the Black Panthers began to fall apart in around the 1970s. Key members of the group left, and soon there were very few Black Panthers remaining. Huey Newton ran off to Cuba for three years in 1971, and then he returned. Once he returned, he decided to get a Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 1980. By the looks of it, Huey had wanted to try even harder by dedicating his life to it. It was a dark day for everybody when Huey Percy Newton died on August 22nd, 1989 by being shot on the street.

Key Points- Huey's full name is Huey Percy Newton- Born on February 17th, 1942 in Monroe, Louisiana- Died on August 22nd, 1989 in Oakland, California- Co-founder on the Black Panther Party in 1966- Youngest of seven- Born to Amelia Johnson and Walter newton- Grew up in Oakland, California

- Black Panthers were a violent group- "Free Huey"- Got into trouble with the law alot- 1970s the Black Panthers began to fall apart- Huey fled to Cuba in 1971- Huey returned in 1974- Got a Ph.D. in 1980- May've had a drug problem

Huey Percy Newton


William Buckley interviews Huey Newton They talk about - the Black Panthers- What side William Buckley would have been on in 1776-Huey accused of killing a policeman and the phrase "Free Huey"


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