Henry Hudson

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Henry Hudson

Hudson was hired in 1607 by the Muscovy Company to find a waterway for trading from Europe to Asia. His first two explorations failed. He was later hired by the Dutch East India Trading Company in 1609, and found the Hudson River. The Hudson River, Strait, and Bay are named after him.Impact on the economy of his countryHudson started a colony for the Dutch, and it wasn’t significant money-wise. Later, others came and made the colonies big and prosperous for the Dutch.Impact on the modern worldHudson discovered the Hudson River, Bay, and Strait. Without him, fur traders from France might not have come to North America quite as soon. Without the traders, the economy and colonies would not have grown so fast, making the Hudson Bay area not as prosperous and populated as today.

Henry Hudson

Gillian McDonald Mrs. Plumber 1st period 10/14/12

who was he?

Henry Hudson was a Dutch explorer. He was born sometime in 1565. He grew up in England, but the exact location is not known. He was killed by his crew when they mutinied in 1611. He discovered the Hudson river on September 3, 1609. He was born in England, but the Dutch wanted new land to conquer.

what was his impact on native americans?

When Hudson came to North America in 1609, he had a posotive encounter with the Native Americans. This meeting would pave the way for more European and Native American visits. Before the end of the 1600’s, smallpox brought by Europeans had wiped out a large percentage of the Natives.



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