[2015] Kaleb Smith (English8): Hudson Taylor

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[2015] Kaleb Smith (English8): Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor(1832-1905)

Complications:-had to learn the rudiments of medicine and study Mandarin-had to dress up in chinese clothes and grow a pigtail like Chinese men did to get into China

Contributions:-served as a doctor, evangelist, and translator while he was serving in China-most famous missionary in China's history -during his 51 years of service there, his China Inland Mission established 20 mission stations-continued his translation work when he returned to England due to his health

Background:-born on May 21,1832, to his parents James and Amelia Taylor -James and Amelia prayed for Hudson as a child that he would be used for God's purpose as a missionary in China.-spent years preparing to travel to China after he was saved at age 17

Missionary to China


Hudson Taylor

in a Chinese dress


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