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Hudhy Rasheed

HudhayfahRasheedPresenting Jesse Owns

University of Ohio

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BiographyJesse Owens was born in Alabama in 1913. His family moved to Ohio later. He was great at jumping. everyone loved how he jumped 22feet. He also run very fast. In 1936 Olympics at Nazi German where people believed that only white german Aryan, Jesse Owens proved them wrong by winning four gold medals in one olympiad. He was exceptional at everything he did. and eveni if he was faced with difficulties, he always tried his best and mostly won. he even raced horses and won against them.

Important EventBirth name: James Cleveland OwensName change: Jesse OwensNickname: The Buckeye Bullet

InterestingsFactsHeight: 5'10"Weight: 165 lbs.Hair color: BlackEye color: Brown

Fastest for 20 years

Smile Victory

Fastest than the wind!


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