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Huckleberry Finn Project

1. St. Petersburg, Missouri and "sivilize Huck?"From The beginning of the novel, Huck was already being influenced by all the pressure Miss Watson and Widow Douglass. With the fact that Miss Watson and Widow Douglass simply keep trying to reform Huck, it helps the reader view the complex view of Huck's morals as a character. All the characters in the novel practically help set the overall stage in development to Huck's character. "...Moses had been dead for a considerable long time; so then I didn't care no more about him, becuase I don't take no stock in dead people (Twain Ch. 1)."Widow Douglass is almost always trying to evaluate on Huck's moral and religion decisions and aspects. This helps the reader see that Huck is like a phiosopher or wise person.

2. Pap's Cabin and "wheres my money"The reader can begin to view the true nature of state that is displayed thoughout parts of the novel and that is depression. While we have Miss Watson and her condencing love for for Huck, we have Huck's father. Huck's father can be viewed as the opposite of Finn and just an angry man. Miss Watson's care for Huck is completely shadowed over the anger of Huck's Father; therefore, displaying that Huck shows no biological connections with his father due to all the good morall factors Huck has compared to his father. "Yes he's got a father, but you can't never find him these days. He used to lay drunk with his hogs in the tanpard, but he hadn't been seen in these parts for a year or more (Twain Ch. 2)."The following textual evidence clearly demonstrates how Huck's father was never there for him. Huck's Fahter is man who is just abusive due to the fact he is always drunk and he gives the reader the example of an archetype that is "white trash."As this reference is being stated by several toenspeople, the reader views Huck on his less adventerous side.

3. Jackson Island also known as the fun aventure begins! :DThis is where we begin to see Jim and Huck interact a bit more. Jim can be viewed as and older brother towards Huck because of the close relationship they both have. Huck wishes he could simply do the things Jim does by the way Jim is. Jim encounters the dead father of Huck in the stream and evidently hides it from him. This demonstrates how Jim cares about Huck's feelings. "...People would call me a low-down Abolotionist and despise me for keeping him but that don't make no difference (Twain Ch. 7)."This is where start getting the fascinating plot line to emerge. Here we can see what time period we are in and how abolitionists are around. Slavery was a common thing amongst a white family and it was illegal for slaves to run away. Anyone nowadays would have the mind set like Huck because he has good morals and right thinking. Huck has a lot of influence over Jim even though he is practically a grown man and that is just astonishing.

4. Cario and losing you.The main reason this section is tittled "losing you" is due to the fact that Huck is losing his "white" mentality. "It was fifteen minutes before I could work myself up to go and humble myslef to a nigger (Twain Ch. 15)." Huck's natrual way from telling from right to wrong began to dispale. Thus, warning the reader of the revolution and moral changes that were being viewed in Huck. Huck has definitiley changed thorughout the novel. The dramitic steps he has been taking has been shaping him into becoming a person with the moral thinking we have today in society.

5. Grangertards estate and "really... a feud?"In the following chapter we recieve a brief integration in the pot line to visit southern "uotopia." A mansion with the slaves to do whatever is needed and what could go wrong? A war?"...and bad and by everybody; killed off, and there ain't no more fued (Twain Ch. 18)." Here is where the reader begins to see the true nature of the white southern society along with Huck. Here Huck witnesses the abrupt killing of some of his friends which must be traumatizing.

6. Wilks funeral and Mary Jane Here we are introduced to the archetype of the con men. The Royal Duke and Dauphin are con mens who simply take manipulation to a new level and con people out of ther money. " Well how'd the old thing pun any this fire fire? (Twain Ch. 25) Due to the fact that Huck just says no shows how desensitized he is the manipucion.

7. Phelps farm and final GambitNow did that really happen? The whole adventure for nothing. "It don't make no difference how foolish it is it's the right way (Twain Chapter 35)." They traveled all the distance for practically nothing... later they find that Jim is free and it makes the point of the adventure pointless. What happened to it being the right way? This definitiley had a dramatic impact on Huck and how his character develops. We also see that his true beloved friend is Tom Sawyer.

Huckleberry Finn

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