Huckleberry Finn - Who is the Real Enemy, Episode 5

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Huckleberry Finn - Who is the Real Enemy, Episode 5

The Grangerfords: they are a popular, well off family that allows Huck to stay with them but they are also in a feud with the Shepardsons.The Shepardsons: This family is very similar to the Grangerfords however they have a very serious feud that has been going on for thirty years yet nobody remembers why.Buck Grangerford: Buck takes Huck under his wing and they are have similar personalities and also similar body types so they share some connection.Colonel Grangerford: Colonel is the father and the leader of the Grangerfor family. He is the one that allows Huck to enter his home and lets him stay.Sophia Granngerford: Sophia is having an affair with a Sherpardson which fuels the feud just before Huck leaves with Jim.

New Characters

Emmeline Grangerford: The daughter that was an artist and poet of sorts but passed away before she could finish this self portrait

Episode five takes place in Kentucky. Most of the time Huck is either with one of the Grangerfords or at their home


In the beginning of the episode, Huck does not seem to miss Jim or even seem to be concerned of his whereabouts. Once Huck finds a place to stay and forms a friendship with Buck, he had no reason to worry about Jim. But after Buck's death he realizes how important friendships are and once he and Jim are reunited, he is beyond thrilled.

Evolution of Huck

Who is the real enemy?

Does love overpower betrayal?

Do certain circumstances allow for laws to be broken?

Essential Questions


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