Huckleberry Finn - What a Coinsidence, Episode 9

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Huckleberry Finn - What a Coinsidence, Episode 9

What a coinsidence!

How do you stick up for someone you care about when it is against everything you were taught?

Do people base a majority of their decisions off of religion?

Essential Questions

Huck evolved in Episode 9 a lot by ripping up the paper he wrote to Miss Watson about Jim. Huck realizes he does not care about what society thinks, Jim is his friend and he will fight for him. Huck finally got rid of the frauds when he went to the Phelps House to find Jim. Tom Sawyer returns in this episode and promises to help Huck get Jim back, but is really doing it for the adventure, not because he is against racism. At this point Huck is willing to literally go to Hell for Jim. He realizes that Jim has been by his side the whole time and he needs to get his friend back by any means necessary.

Huck's Evolution

Tom Sawyer: Huck's friend (introduced in earlier books) sees Huck and has to pretend to be someone else (William Thompson) while Huck pretends to be Tom evem though Mr. and Mrs. Phelps are the real Tom's relatives.Mr. and Mrs. Phelps: The couple that purchased Jim from the Duke and the Dauphin and Tom's aunt and uncle. Huck goes to see them not knowing that they are Tom's relatives to find Jim after the stranger told him that Jim had been purchased.

New Characters

Huck stands beofre Mr. and Mrs. Phelps inquiring about Jim and his whereabouts

This episode takes place mostly in the Phelps' house in Pikesville, Louisiana. Ironically enough, these strangers are the aunt and uncle of Tom Sawyer.



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