Huckleberry Finn - Together at Last, Episode 10

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Huckleberry Finn - Together at Last, Episode 10

Together at Last

Huck evolves slightly in episode ten. Tom Saywer has returned and agreed to help Huck get Jim back. Tom still has crazy ideas and thinks he is the boss of Huck and do anything he wants without worrying about the consequences. Huck however, has learned to stand up to some of Tom's more radical ideas, but still follows most his plans, desoite the trouble it outs Jim and the the Phelps family through.

Evolution of Huck

The final episode takes place in the Phelps' house (Tom Sawyer's uncle's house) as well. Huck and Tom are staying there while pretending to be people they are not.


Does love really conquer all?Does doing the wrong thing for the right reasons make someone a bad person?

Essential Questions


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