Huckleberry Finn -The Greatest Show on Earth, Episode 7

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Huckleberry Finn -The Greatest Show on Earth, Episode 7

The Greatest Show on Earth

Evolution of Huck

In episode 7, Huck gains and loses some values. He realizes that black and white people are both people. He does when he realizes that Jim loves his family just like a white man. Thus, he respects Jim as being a person; this is causing Huck to drift away from society's views on African Americans. However, in Episode 7, Huck does lose morals. He goes along with the the King and the Duke in scamming the small town. Since this allows them to survive it is very controversial if this is approitate. Additionally, Huck does feel bad for the clown which shows he can sympasize with others.

Boggs: the town's drunk, but everyone in town thinks he's harmless. He rumbles into town every once in a while and threatens someone.Colonel Sherbern: The man who killed Boggs. We see a passionate side from Sherbern about something that he truly believes in-- southern bravery.


The setting of Episode 7 takes place right outside of Arkansas. Most of the Episode takes place in a little one-horse town. Here the Duke and King put on a show.


Essential Questions

Is stealing appropriate if it allows one to live?

Is it worth going against the "norm" and suffer the consuquences of being different?

A picture from the circus Huck and Jim visited.


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