Huckleberry Finn -The Duke and the King, Episode 6

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Huckleberry Finn -The Duke and the King, Episode 6

The Duke and the King

In episode six Huck shows that he is still a little child. He goes around with the "king and the duke's" story in order to keep Jim pleased. Huck additionally allows the "king" and "duke" to take control of the raft, Huck and Jim's home. This shift in power displays how Huck is only a child with little power. However, Huck's morals stay the same in episode six as they have been before.

The "Duke of Bridgewater"-The younger of the two runaways. The Duke is also the first to admit to being royalty. Additionally, he has a background in "doctoring." While Huck and the "King" are at the town meeting, he is in a print shop making flyers of Jim. He uses this so the crew can travel druing the day.

Episode six takes place in Kentucky. Important places include the raft and the twon meeting area. The raft is where the "king" and the "duke" were allowed to live with Huck and Jim. It is risky since they are helping criminals. At the town meeting, the "King" lies to all the people to try and make money.

The "King of France"- The "King" is the older of the two run aways. He is a comparison of Huck since they are both manipulative. Additionally, it is ironic how Huck is shown as the older one of the two since Jim is much older than him. It shows how much more educated Huck is than Jim. The "King" has a background in being a printer, a little bit of medicine, and theatre-acting. The "King" comes up with a story at the town meeting in order to gain much money. He got about $90. This portreys him to be avery smart, yet manipulative man.

New Characters

Evolution of Huck

Essential Questions

-Are there signs in which lead to people being untrustworthy?

-Are there certain circumstances in which it is morally acceptable to lie?



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