Huckleberry Finn - Taken by Pap, Episode 2

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Huckleberry Finn - Taken by Pap, Episode 2

Episode 2:Taken by Pap

Pap: Pap as we learn is Huck's father. He spends any money he gets and alcohol and gets drunk. He then proceeds to abuse Huck while intoxicated.New Judge: He does not know the people within the town. Pap convinces him that he will change his ways and Judge trusts him. However, soon after Pap is back to his old self and Judge realizes that he needs to know more about people before trusting him.

In the beginning of Episode Two, Huck is nervous and goes reluctantly with his father into the woods. He does not want his father to spend all of his money on alcohol. But, after a few days, he realizes how relaxed this way of living isand does not want to go back to the strict ways of the Widow, even if he got the chance to. He comes to realize that he does not care what happens to Pap, he only cares about himself. That is when he makes the plan to escape from the cabin where Pap is keeping him.

Pap's Cabin: 3 miles up the river on the Illinois shore

Huck's Evolution


New Characters

Essential Questions

What affect does alcohol abuse of a parent have on a child?

Should children fear their parents?


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