Huckleberry Finn - Robbers on the Loose, Episode 4

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Huckleberry Finn - Robbers on the Loose, Episode 4

Robbers on the Loose!

~ Jim Turner, Jake Packard, and Bill Whipple were all robbers that Huck and Jim had run into on the wrecked ship of the Walter Scott.~ Jim Hornback : a very rich man that can be very generous~ Miss Hooker: A made up character by Huck used to help save the lives of the robbers that were on the wreck

Initially Huck was not thinking clearly, but allowing his father's tainted morals to ccloud his judgement. Furthermore, he was using Pap and Tom's reckless behavior to excuse all of his own. Huck is also viewing Jim as less than an equal as he completely ignores his thoughts and writes him off as ignorant. Though, the pranks that he pulls on Jim and the robbers , he later feels remorse, which is new for Huck. By the close of the episode, Huck does convey that he is truly regretful for hurting Jim, showing that he does really care for Jim.

New Characters

Evolution of Huck

The Walter Scott Shipwreck

Essential Questions

Huck and Jim are on the Illonois shore of the Mississippi River headed towards Cerio, Ohio to be in a free state. They are passing by the city of St. Louis at this piont.


Does doing the right thing define a person's character?

Are apologies only temperary?


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