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Huckleberry Finn Project

1. St. Petersburg is where Huck's views of right and wrong originate. He is introduced to several main characters and begins to face the struggle between civilization and savagery.

2. Pap's cabin is where Huck's enemy is met, full faced. "I'm scared", Huck says in chapter two. This is where he overcomes his father's will.

9. Phelp's Farm is one of the most important settings in the novel. This part in the book signifies Huck's moral state. He is almost uncaring of what his Aunt Sally and friends think about his friendship with Jim, a now freedman. He also matures knowing that he will not be happy being only civilized or only "country". Being a little of both satisfies Huck as the book ends.

3. Jackson Island is a "vacation" for Huck and Jim before they start their journey. "I laid there in the grass and the cool shade, thinking about things...". Huck and Jim begin to prioritize their lives before the begin to get introduced to struggles.

4. Cairo is an important setting in Huckleberry Finn even though it is never reached by Huck and Jim. The relationship between Jim and Huck is very strong. After they get separated through the fog and accidently miss Cairo, Jim is upset that he almost lost Huck. Cairo is also important because Huck is "rebelling" against his peers by releasing a slave.

"Laws bless you, chile, I 'uz right down sho' you's dead agin" - Jim

"...Aunt Sally she's going to adopt me and sivilze me, and I cant stand it. I been there before." -Huck Finn


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