Huckleberry Finn - Filled with Fraud, Episode 8

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Huckleberry Finn - Filled with Fraud, Episode 8

In the beginning of this episode, Huck was very intimidated by the Duke and the Dauphin and was afraid of trying to get away. By the end of this episode Huck is not only being brave by standing up for what he feels is right, but he is also helping others ehich is a big step for Huck. Although he is not necessarily open about his good deeds, he is still helping Mary Jane and her family.

Evolution of Huck

In episode 8 the setting is in the Wilk's house in a town in Arkansas.


Filled with Fraud

Peter Wilks: passes away leaving his belongings and his estate to his three daughters and his two brothers.Mary Jane: Mr. Wilks' oldest daughter when Huck grows very fond of. The two of them get along very nicely and Huck feels she is trustworthy enough to tell her that the Duke and the Dauphin are frauds.

Joann and Susan: Mary Jane's two younger sistersDoctor Robinson: A family friend that does not believe the Duke and the Dauphin from the start. He knows that they are frauds from the minute that they began using fake accents. William and Harvey Wilks: Peter's real brothers from England that did not make it to Arkansas before Peter passed away. They had to try to prove the Duke and Dauphin were frauds.

New Characters

Essential Questions

Why do people allow greed to control their lives?

Why will people do anything for money?

The Duke and the Dauphin look for the money that Huck hid


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