Huck Finn

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Huck Finn

Huck FinnBy: Mark Twain

Content Points:Setting: St. Petersburg, Missouri. 1850's.Important Characters: Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Jim, the Duke, and the Dauphin.Plot: Huck and Jim leave St. Petersburg to go to Jackson Island. They then meet eachother, and then decide to travel up the Mississippi River to try to go to the free states. After numerous distractions Huck finds that Jim has been taken into a barn. Find out what happens next by reading it...Conflict: Huck and Jim keep encountering trouble trying to get to the free states. Themes: Racism and Slavery, Moral Beliefs, "Civilized" Society.

Tom Sawyer

Huck Finn

Mississippi River

St. Petersburg, Missouri


The Duke

The Dauphin

Mark Twain

1800's Slavery Poster


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