Huck and Jim's Adventure - Episode 3

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Huck and Jim's Adventure - Episode 3

Is friendship worth more than the love of money?

The setting for episode 3 is taking place in Jackson Island. Huck and Jim camp out in a large cave that is in the middle of the island and later Huck goes to town--St. Petersburg which is towards the Illinois shore.

Huck and Jim's Adventure

New Charcters:Huck- shows his immaturity when he leaves a rattlesnake under Jim's blanket for "some fun."Jim- still remains superstitions Mrs. Judith Loftus- a married, 40 year old woman who is new to town and lives in a little shantyDead man- naked man who has been shot in the back and dead for two or three days, his face looks "gashly"

How does one know if they are doing the right thing?

Are people's behaviors influenced by the way other people act or by their surroundings?

Huck's evolution:As a 10-13 year old boy Huck can act mature for his age, however in this episode there is a lack of maturity when Huck puts a snake under Jim's blanket. He does this for fun and does not realize the harm of a snake. This shows Huck's changes from episodes 1 and 2.

The author's purpose is that if Huck decides to stay with Jim, he is putting himself in a bigger risk of getting caught because they cannot go out in daylight. Huck has to decide if he wants to risk everything for Jim's friendship, and learns the struggles that they will go through along the way.


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