Hubble Telescope

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Hubble Telescope

Hubble Telescope

I-Search by Jack D.

Hubble telescope is a telescope that helps astronomers and other scientists by taking pictures of space. It does this by opening a aperture door letting light enter it. It uses twenty foot solar panels to generate electricity. Light also does a lot of reflecting.

The Hubble Space Telescope was launched on April 25, 1990. But then scientists realized they weren't getting very detailed pictures. So they had to fix HST ( Hubble Space Telescope). Fixing Hubble was one of the highest profile missions since the Apollo era. 3 astronauts fixed Hubble Telescope, it was that hard. There were three challenges. One was to throw out a bad solar panel. Which might of hit HST or the astronaut luckily it hit neither. Another was changing the supercamera, you would have to carry the new supercamera that weighed about as much as a grand piano.The new camera was also pretty fragile.The last trouble of fixing HST was the six gyroscopes inside. They had to leave the door to open HST open. So parts could go out.

Fixing Hubble was one of the highest profile since the Apollo era.