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Social Studies

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We are going back to Huatulco again next April, I can’t wait to go!

The Animals

The ocean is calm and not cold. There are a lot of tropical fish swimming around coral reef. You can see octopuses and stingrays too, but they are rare.I like to swim around the reef with a snorkel. But you need to be careful there. I once saw a beautiful and colorful worm underwater, but it was not a nice worm at all. It was not afraid of me and I didn’t know why. But when I touched it, the nasty worm stung me! It was more painful than a wasp sting!

The Ocean

Have you ever ate a roasted grasshopper? In a place called Huatulco my dad tried it once and he didn’t like it at all!Huatulco is a city in Mexico on the Pacific coast. The flight between Toronto and Huatulco takes more than 5 hours.My family and I like this place so much that we come there every year since I was 3 years old.

The Place



The Nature

It’s not a busy place, not too many people or hotels. The nature is not ruined by people.This place is very hot and has very little rain. It has desert climate.There are palm, mango and banana trees where people provide water, but mostly agave plats and cacti.

Nina Kozyrev

There are a lot of lizards, birds, and insects. Some iguanas are not afraid of humans and I like to feed them with bananas. One crazy iguana jumped to my dad’s lap when he was peeling a banana.