Huascaran Avalanche

by isanz
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Social Studies

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Huascaran Avalanche

Causing Factors*Storminess*Temperature*Wind*Slope Steepness*Snowpack conditions

What to do if caught?*Head straight downhill, veering left and right*Reach for anything solid (tree, rocks, etc.)*If caught, stay on surface using a swimming motion

How to prepare?*Know your enemy (understand an avalanche)*Get informed (call or talk to ski patrol members)*Check the weather*Have the right gear

Nevado Huascaran, Yungay, Peru

*Most common during and in the 24 hours after a storm that has dumped 12 inches or more of snow

Damage and Destruction

Isabella Sanz

What is an avalanche? -Slides of dry powdery snow that move as a formless mass. -Three main parts:*Starting Zone: higher up the slope*Avalanche Track: the path or channel that an avalanche follows *Runout Zone: where snow and debris finally come to a stop

Huascaran Avalanche



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