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Monterrey Thermal Baths

Chavín de Huantar



These two beautiful lagoons are located in a narrow glacial valley, protected by the Huascaran and Huandoy Mounts of the Cordillera Blancaforming part of the Huascarán Biosphere Reservation.

A city located in Ancash region. In the central part of Callejon de Huaylas Valley.

Huaraz has a warm moderated weather of tropical mountain. It is sunny and dry.

Is an archaeological site containing ruins and artifacts constructed beginning at least by 1200 BC. Chavín de Huántar served as a gathering place for people of the region to come together and worship

The vast baths include two natural swimming pools and bathing rooms. Luxuriating in these slightly sulphurous hot springs can be the ideal way to recover from an arduous mountain-trekking expedition.

Llanganuco Lagoons


The ruins date to about 600 to 900 AD and the Wari Empire. The main 3 - story building housed the mummies of the Wari ancestors. The building is roofed with massive stone slabs and contains a complicated system of ventilation ducts.


Local cuisine offers a large variety of dishes prepared with guinea pig, poultry, pork and lamb. Sweets and small breads are prepared in the area as well.

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