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Name: Martin VoděrkaNickname: WodzirAge: 14Birthday: 2. 8. 2000School: Gymnázium DěčínHometown: Děčín

My hobbiesI have many hobbies. My hobbies are: scout, reading books and watching films. I've been a scout for 9 years already. I like sci-fi and fantasy films. I'm a modeller too.

Martin Voděrka

I like- drawing pictures- listening to music- schnitzel with potatoes- trips- Terminator 2: Judgment Day- dogs (But I haven't got any.)- Arnold Schwarzenegger (He is a very good actor)school subjects - chemistry, biology and geographyI would like to be a pharmacist.

I don't like- liver- spidersschool subjects - German and music (I'm not a good singer.)

Wiener schnitzel

Me and my classmate in our classroom.



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