Howler monkey

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Howler monkey

Map of habitat location

Diet The howler monkey has a strict diet of plants and fruits, although sometimes they have been known to steal chicken eggs. The leaves they eat are not very nutritious, so they need a lot of them. Sometimes they even end up fighting for the food.

Howler Monkey(Allouta Caraya)

Conservation Are howler monkeys endangered? Howler monkeys suffer from habitat loss and being hunted. However, some people try to stop it. A special community who has based a conservation organization which has protected land along the Belize River for howlers.

Physical Description The Howler Monkey is an animal that is hard to miss. It has naked face that is framed by fur and a muscular tail for holding on to branches. They have bushy eyebrows and a large throat that contains a sound box. The males are usually larger and black colored while the females and babies are blond. They weigh about 12-20 pounds and are usually 2 feet long with tails of similar size.

Behavior/Communication The behavior of the howler monkey is unique because they are mostly diurnal and arboreal (are awake in the day and mostly live in trees). They usually stay in their tree, and only go out to drink. When there are fewer leaves, they drink more from nearby water sources, as they get some moisture from the leaves they eat. Howler monkeys usually live in groups 10-15 monkeys, and their howls can be heard from 2 miles away.

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Howler Monkeys

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Habitat The Howler monkey lives in southern México and deep Belize in the rainforest. The Climate is mostly warm with chances of rain. The howler monkey is surrounded by vegetation and plants. They spend most of their time in trees and rarely even touch the ground.


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