Howard Gardner´s Nine Intelligences

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Howard Gardner´s Nine Intelligences

Howard Gardner's Nine Intelligences

LinguisticDr.Phil: Dr.Phil has his own talk show that helps people in need, like ones with addiction, marriage problems all the way to storm victims.Before becoming a tv host, he was a lawyer. He fits linguistic intelligence as he has to be able to get his point across and be able to communicate efficently with millions of people daily.

Logical/MathmaticalDr.Oz: Dr. Oz is not only a tv host, but is a well known surgeon, author and tv host. As a surgeon Dr.Oz has to work with tons of people about their problems using scientific facts and information about the body system. I picked him because logic/mathmatical intelligence involves solving problems using scientific though, or mathmatical ways.

Musical IntelligenceTaylor Swift: Taylor swift is a 22yr old songwriter and singer. She is worth millions and has sold multiple records. She has been awarded some of the highest awards at the CMA's and the grammy's. I chose Taylor because she not only knows, understands and enjoys music she lives it daily.

SpatialVan Gogh: Famous painter who is most remembered for his abstract views of the world. His views are represented in his art work!

NaturalisticPaul Pion: veternarian cardiologist who made the connection between the amino acid taurine and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in cats, thereby saving countless cat lives. I chose him because he saw the importance of animals, and solved a very important issue.

Bodily IntelligenceShakira: Shakira is a 31 year old singer, song writer, and an amazing dancer. She is most known for her "Hips Don't Lie" music video as she can move in amazing ways, unlike most other human beings. She puts her dancing into play during her music performances.

InterpersonalBarack Obama: Obama is the president of the US. He needs to be able to deal, work with and care for others on a daily basis.

ExistentialSocrates: Greek philosopher known for his contribution to ethics and higher thinking about the world and ones self (around 470BC)

IntrapersonalJohn Locke: John is a famous philospher who protested for human's "natural rights". In the end he came up with our first amendment- freedom of speech.


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