[2015] tiffany davis (RADT 102 2015): How X-rays Were Discovered

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[2015] tiffany davis (RADT 102 2015): How X-rays Were Discovered

Story Leading Up To And Including How X-rays Were DiscoveredTiffany Davis

1895Physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen discovers X-rays.

1896X-rays were being used in the United States for bone fractures and gun shot wounds.

1897X-rays were being used on military battlefields during Balkan War.

1930'sAmerican shoe stores started offering X-rays so customers could see bones in feet.

On November 08, 1895 Wilhelm Rontgen was experimenting in a dark room and he observed that certain rays were being emitted when the passing of current went through a discharge tube.

Rontgen continued experimenting with a photographic plate to capture the image of different objects when he placed the images in the path of the rays. His very first roentgenogram was of his wifes hand.

1901Wilhelm Rontgen received the first ever Nobel Prize in Physics.


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