How will you change the world?

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by RachelWhitney
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Social Studies

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How will you change the world?

Idle No More: Amnesty International: Now: Activism:

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ExtracurricularsDance Team: students choreograph, practice, and perform solo and group dances during annual shows and competitions.Aboriginal Students Association: hosts cultural events and provides support to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students.FireFit: students receive basic firefighter skill and fitness training, and are given the opportunity to compete in the 'toughest two minutes in sports.'

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How will you change the world?

My VisionMy goal as an educator is to help students think critically about what they have learned and what they will learn both in and outside of class. Through an analysis of historical and current issues, I aim to have students recognize a need for social reform. Students will be encouraged to use what they learn to positively transform their world.

About MeI believe that it is important for all of us to have an active role in making our community a better place. I stay acitve in the community as a volunteer firefighter and medical first responder.

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Firefighter Combat Challenge

Alter Bridge - Rise Today


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