How were people of Hiroshima affected by the atomic bomb?

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How were people of Hiroshima affected by the atomic bomb?

How were the people of Hiroshima effected by the atomic bomb?

Basic Information:* The bomb was called "little boy"*Happened on Agust 6th,1945 at 8:16am Hiroshima time*Exploded 1,900 feet above the Shima Hospital*The bomb contained 12,500 tons of TNT* The bomb exploded 43 seconds after being dropped from the plane*the blast heated the ground beneath to over 5,000 degrees* Bomb flattened 4 square miles

Before the Bombing:*There were 280,000 people living in Hiroshima before the attack.*Out of those 280,000 there were 43,000 soldiers.

Physical and mental complaints due to bomb:*Hematoligical disorders.*Cardiovascular disorders*Liver disfunction*Fatigue*Impatience for mental work*Dizziness*Emotional intolerance*Headachs

The number of patients with serious diseases hospitalized for the A-bomb was 2,259 and over the years rose to 5,350

Deaths:*Nearly anyone within a 1,000 feet of the bomb was killed*80,000 people were killed instantly*Many people were Vaporized*Nearly 70,000 people were seriously injured*Many died afterwards from radiation*192,020 were killed all together*Fetuses exposed in their mothers wombs were victims

State people were in after the bomb exploded:*Couldn't see anything, due to the dark smoke*Skin pierced with splinters and broken glass*Burned and swollen all over their bodies*Dead bodies floating in the river

79% of people stayed in Hiroshima after the bomb

After the bomb:*The explosion wiped out 90% of the city*Hiroshima's population went down to about 83,000 people* Many people died from not having shelter and from starvation*Many people died years later due to radiation*The city was in ruins

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