[2014] Joseph Wendtland (5th Grade Computers): How were Colonial Towns Established?

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[2014] Joseph Wendtland (5th Grade Computers): How were Colonial Towns Established?

The main organization structure was that the governor had executive power in the colony and represented England, he was treated as a king.

This is a picture of a developed home in Jamestown in early colonial life.

They eventually developed and built towns with wood frame, stone, and brick houses. By the year 1777, there were thirteen colonies.

At first the colonists built homes out of whatever they could find. Thier homes were similar to the natives, whether tipis or tents.

Some of the main buildings in a colonial town were homes, a mill, a blacksmith's shop, taverns, schoolhouse, bakery, a print shop, a lacemaker's shop, a music shop, a general store, a church, meetinghouse, and a wigmaker's shop. That was how they were organized building wise.

The colonists put their homes next to their farms to form a little community and for saftey reasons.

Question: How were colonial towns established /organized? What were thier buildings like? By: Joe Wendtland

Most colonial towns even had a tavern where tired travelers could rest, eat, and have fun.

If the colonists had not escaped Britan, we would probaly not be a country.

The colonists were hard working and went through many hardships. Men and women had to know how to plant and harvest crops, cook and preserve food, make candles, weave cloth, make own clothes, shear sheep, cure ills, forecast weather, and sew.

At first the colonists followed the Mayflower Compact as thier government.

One of the most important things that should be stated is that the colonists felt the hand of the government very lightly. There were few taxes and few regular requirements.

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There were three types of government: Royal, Charter, and Proprietary. In a Royal colony they had a representative assembly elected by the people. A royal colony was ruled by responsible council, govenor, and appointed by Britan. In a charter colony the colonists were in contact with the King of Britan. They wrote charters to each other discussing what role each party should have in the government. Everyone had to agree. Writing those charters helped the colonies figure out rights, priveleges, and freedoms.Colonies in the proprietary government were run under a colonial charter agreement, it was reviewed by Britan rulers. there were territories granted by Britan. A properiteor was a person granted governmental powers over a part of land.

Royal Colonies: New Jersey, New Hampsire, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virgina, and Georiga Charter Colonies: Rhode Island, Conneticut, and Massachusetts(charter then Royal) Proprietary colonies: Maryland, Delaware, and Penslvania.


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