How was Religion involved and impacked during Black Death?

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How was Religion involved and impacked during Black Death?

Catholics - During medieval times, nearly all things in daily life were under the influence and run by the Catholic Church. Most importantly, the church always told people right from wrong, people always believed nearly everything coming from the Church because of their power. The Pope would always have promises and mighty power to rule and influence Europe. As the plague struck medieval Europe, many Catholics believed that it was a punishment from God. So the people were scared and terrified, they turned to the Church for help. The people demanded and cried for a cure and an explanation, however the priests and bishops could not. The pope tried to calm down society and promised a cure, but society broke apart. The people were angry and full of anxiety, the plague was too strong and began to kill everything in its path. People began to lose faith in society, they prayed to God but their prayers weren’t answered. The Church lost all of its influence in the world and for many people, they stopped praying and camped in houses hoping for the best. The world changed when the Catholic Church collapsed. Before the collapse, priests cares for the sick and they provided posts for confession before the sick die. As the plague spread, priests started dying and live priests fled their posts. The pope was forced to grant to forgive all sins of all who died of the plague because there were too many people who died quickly. People were very religious at that time, they have to correctly care of the sick by rituals and religion, but now there were too many bodies, which were against the teachings. People began to not care and leave the beliefs and religion because they realised the plague showed them religion wouldn't help. The Church made promises to cure the plague but none of them are met.

How was Religion involved and impacted during the Black Death?

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What is it?

The Bubonic Plague (Black Death)

The Black Death is a name for a disease (Bubonic Plague) that spread throughout Europe from 1347-1350, there was no known cure and it was very contagious. The first appeared in China from infected fleas and travelled along trade routes from Asia to Medieval Europe. It was mostly carried through fleas that lived on rats, ships were also spreading the disease when rats lived in the cargo area. The Deadly disease killed approximately one third of the population (75 million), there were so many bodies they couldn’t bury them so they put them in massive pits.

Jews- By the fall of Medieval Europe, rumours began to spread that the plague started from the Jewish people because they poisoned the drinking wells. Reports show that leaders of the Jewish community had created a plot to poison wells in France, Switzerland and Italy. Some of Catholic authorities arrested and tortured Jews that lived across the border to make them confess to the poisonings. Word quickly spread throughout the towns and hatred built up against the Jews. As a result, Catholic communities travelled to the Jewish dominated areas and forcibly butchered and burnt the Jews alive. They travelled to at least 2 hundred towns and killed thousands of Jews. Christians believed that killing Jews would be a cure of the terrible plague. The Jews were also affected by the plague, around 20% of the Jewish population were affected. However the Jewish would be less vulnerable to the plague because of their sanitary practices of their Jewish Law. Jews had to wash their hands throughout many daily activities like dinner and toilet uses.

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