How War Affected Families

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How War Affected Families

The Effects That War Had On Family

Made by Emma, Morgan, and Blake

The Korean War split Korea into two parts, North and South. In doing this it also separated many familes.

The Korean.The 38th Parallel separated the North and South.

The families were separated in 1945 and most still remain apart today.

7.2 million people died in the Korean War. That includes husbands, fathers, sons, and grandfathers. There was also a great increase in the orphan and homeless children.

One orphanage had 900 children alone.

The Civil War

Families were greatly affected by The Civil War.

Over 620,000 fathers, husbands, and sons, did not return from war.

Many women spent the rest of their lives nursing the permanent phyiscal and psychological wounds of their their husbands and sons.

Divided families was symbolic of a divided nation. Even husbands and wives were split in their loyalties.

Most women during the war served either as nurses or spies. this left many childred on their own.

A great number of children enlisted into the Civil War.Some even as musicians.


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