How to Write an EFFECTIVE Report

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How to Write an EFFECTIVE Report

REPORT RULES1. Keep it easy to understand. Use plain english. Remember, the jury needs to understand2. Use black ink. It shows better in copies.3. Direct quote when possible and use " " when direct quoting.4. Never leave anything blank!! If you don't use all of the space for narrative, draw a line through it.5. Always include day of the week, time and year in date.6. DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING OUT!But if you do, use a new form titled "Addendum" to add to the case file.7. Fix mistakes with a single line through them, then initial and correct.8.Sign ALL pages. Hand number if not pre-numbered.(Films on Demand, 2010).(Gibson, 2014).

-How to Write an EFFECTIVE Report-Carie kellar CJS/205February 9, 2015Dr. Lance Spivey

Remember:This is all the information that will exist for your role in this incident.What would you need to know if you looked back 5 years from now? It can take years to go to trial!!!


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The 2 most important secrets to good report writing:ORGANIZATION and CLARITY!(bOWDEN, 2013)

During a trial, an incomplete, inaccurate or otherwise unprofessional report may give attorneys a chance to discredit your testimony, make you appeaar unprofessional and could even cause the charges to be dismissed.(Gibson, 2014).(Films on Demand, 2010).

Administration forms are used for internal memos and information.(Gibson, 2014).

Incident Reports are the most common forms you will use. Take GOOD notes!(Gibson, 2014).

Get it right the first time. Put your facts in chronological order and organize your notes before you begin your report.

Who, What, Where, When, Why and How!!!(Gibson, 2014).

Your report will be a permanent part of the case forever. DO NOT write anything unprofessional or write your opinons in your report.DO make it accurate and complete.

A "Brief" is a courtroom document that summarizes the case.(Gibson, 2014).

Your report is a representation of you as an officer; your work habits; your thoroughness on the job and attention to detail, and your professionalism. You are the link between the incident and all information gathered for the case from today forward...this is it, your one chance...don't blow the case because you missed a detail, no matter how small it seems!!!You ARE a GREAT Officer!!!!


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