How to use your Teacher Code

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How to use your Teacher Code

When students register with your Teacher Code, they do not need to provide email addresses & they can choose their own nicknames and passwords.

Teacher Light and Premium users have 2 ways to generate student accounts: 1: Use the "Add students" option on your Dashboard2: Instruct students to register with your TeacherCode

Students who register with your Teacher Code will automatically be attached to your Teacher Light or Premium account

If students need to change teachers, they can simply change their Teacher Code on their Dashboard, and their account will transfer to their new teacher’s license.


How to use your



  • 18balaus 8 years ago

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  • 18balaus 8 years ago

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  • dandre439 8 years ago

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    ok um teacher code is awesome |:

  • TajmahalNow 7 years ago

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  • toombinator 7 years ago

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    why do i need to know this

  • DavidDavey 1 month ago

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