How to use Glogster

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How to use Glogster

Sample Glog instructions for making a Glog at Glogster.

Step OneClick WallChoose a page wall and a Glog wall

STEP TWO: Click a new tab in the browser and serch for an image. Be sure and go to the full size image. Copy the URL by clicking the web address to highlight it, then right click on it and click copy. You have now placed the URL in an special area of memory in your computer. You will not see anything happen...yet!

STEP THREE:Head back to the Glogster Tab now and click IMAGE on the toolbox. Click the LINK button and PASTE the URL in the window that pops up. This image will appear in your images now. Click the image and either ADD A FRAME or just USE IT now. The image will appear on the Glog. You can resize and rotate the image by using the handles that surround the picture. Don't worry you can always resize or move the picture later! Go get some more images!

STEP FOURAdd a text box. Pick one that you like, click the EDIT button on top of it and start typing your text. Remember that the text boxes scroll so you can fit a lot of information in a small area! Create different kinds of text boxes for your different information.

STEP FIVEThink about it... would you like a video to play in your Glog? It could be a national anthem or an animal sound. Just click a new tab in your web browser, type and search for a video on your topic. Once you find a video that will enhance your Glog click the SHARE button under the video. Copy the URL under SHARE. Now click VIDEOS on the toolbox. Click the Link button just like we did with the picture. Paste the link in the window that pops up. The video will be displayed on the right. You can click USE IT to put it right in or you can ADD A FRAME to the video first. Videos really make your Glogs come to life!


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