How to use Glogster

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How to use Glogster

Fun Fact: Teachers can tailor this tool for students of all ages!

...use Glogster as a Web 2.0 tool

Strengths-hundreds of templates-easily accessible from multiple devices-can engage all kinds of learners (UDL)-teacher monitored-can comment on students' work-private (only approved people can view)-helps improve digital literacy-ready made glogs on various topics-eco-friendly

Glogster is a tool on Web 2.0 that allows you to create digital posters or “glogs”. You can: include text, audio, video, images, and hyperlinks into your glogs. These digital posters can be accessed in school, at home, and on personal devices, making it easily accessible and fun to use.

What is a "Glog"?

What is Glogster?

Video about Glogster

Weaknesses-annual cost to use-no specific user guide (need to pay separately for tutorials)-not 100% accessible to those with certain impairments (like visual impairments)-not able to edit an image (must put it in a separate time and delete old image)-no spell check in text boxes

How to use it in a classroom:-incorporate ready-made glogs into lesson plan from glogpedia-make interactive games-allow students to create their own presentations-click here to see more examples

Why teachers should use Glogster

Interesting Quirks-Constantly changing to strive for complete accessibility-Platform for teachers to share testimonials about using Glogster

User Guide:1. Choose a template for your needs2. Add content3. Preview glog to see animation4. Share with your classroom!



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