How to use a Glucometer

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How to use a Glucometer

3. Gently squeeze finger to release a drop of blood, wipe this away with a clean tissue. Squeeze finger again for another drop of blood. Apply this drop to the test strip in the glucometer. Your glucose level will appear on the screen. Record blood glucose reading in your glucose diary.

2. Select the finger you will prick, and rub the fingerwhile angling it towards the floor. This will increase blood flow. Press lancet against the side of your upper finger. Push the button to activate lancet. This will prick your finger.

1. Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Dry hands well. Gather items that you will need to test your blood sugar. Prepare your lancet. Place test strip in the glucometer and turn the device on.

4. Dispose of lancet and test strip in biohazard sharps container. Speak with your provider about where you may be able to drop off full containers. Many hospitals and laboratories will accept these items for safe disposal.

How to Use a Glucometer


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