How to train your dragon: How to cheat a dragons curse

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How to train your dragon: How to cheat a dragons curse


Hiccup's best friend Fishlegs has come down with a terrible case of Vorpentitis (that means he only has only untill 10 am the next morning to live). can Hiccup and his other friend Camacazi go to the island of Hysteria and steal the potato from Norbert the Nutjob in time? well if you want to know you better read the book.

Hiccup Horrendos Haddock The ThirdToothlesCamacaziNorbert the Nutjob


How to Train Your Dragon:How to Cheat a Dragons Curse


Name: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the ThirdPhysical Apperance: Small, Short, Skinny, Human and red headed Clothing: Furry vest long sleeved shirtPersonality:Smart, Kind and ThoughtfulLikes: DragonsDislikes: Snotface SnotloutUsual Moods: nervous, Brave and FunnyFriends: Fishlegs, Toothless (Dragon), CamacaziEnemies: Snotface Snotlout and Norbert the Nutjob


Name: Toothlessphysical apperance: very small, greenclothing: sometimes a little furry coatpersonality: cheekylikes: fish and jokesdislikes: ?usual moods: cheeky and happyfriends: Hiccup, some dragonsenemies: Fireworm (dragon) and all of Hiccups enemies.

Can't tell you that, read the bookStar rating: 4/5



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