How to Tell Time

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How to Tell Time

Clocks measure time in hours and minutes, and have an hour hand (that moves forward one clock number every hour) and a minute hand (that moves forward one tick every minute—it moves forward one clock number every 5 minutes).

In order to tell time you must know how to count by fives!

This handout will help you you master the skill of telling time.


The hour hand is shorter, and the minute hand is longer—this is how you tell them apart. A normal clock looks like this

If the minute hand is pointing to a clock number, that means the number of minutes is a multiple of 5 (5, 10, 15, 20 etc) and you would give that number as the number of minutes.

NOW YOU TRY! Can you tell what time it is


First, locate the the smaller hand and see where it is pointing.This will be your hour number.Next, see where the smaller hand is pointing.This will be the minute hand.

Click the play button!

Telling time is easy! Practice makes perfect!


  • cgatto61793 7 years ago

    cgatto61793's avatar

    Hi Gina, you did an amazing job. These pictures are fantastic along with the work. I know it took you a long time to complete this and your work truly shines through. I hope you use this in your classroom one day because I know as a kid I had problems telling time and I wish I had a great How to visual just like this ! Thank you for letting me use your account when I was locked out of mine ! Your the best !
    - Christina Gatto =]

  • Sara91165 7 years ago

    Sara91165's avatar

    This is so good! The music is the best, it adds something that makes you want to learn time. This is one of my favorite ones and I love it so much! Good Job Gina Thank you for teaching me!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Job.

  • arivera125 7 years ago

    arivera125's avatar

    Love the added music! Makes it very entertaining from the straight beginning. Very informative :)

  • LisaGeraci 7 years ago

    LisaGeraci's avatar

    This glogster is so cute! The use of music makes it extra special. Learning how to tell time is lots of fun with this glogster. Great job!
    Lisa Geraci

  • Megan1994 7 years ago

    Megan1994's avatar

    This glogster is very cute. I like that is straight to the point and that you used pictures and music to make it easier for students to understand.

  • ElmedinaRadoncic 7 years ago

    ElmedinaRadoncic's avatar

    This is such a cute and kid friendly glog! The music was a really great and creative addition.
    -Elmedina Radoncic

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