How to Tag your Glog #GlogContest2013

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Last updated 7 years ago

Make a copy Make a copy function allows users to modify and save other users' Glogs.

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How to Tag your Glog #GlogContest2013

Tagging your Glogs

Tagging Student Glogs

Select the Glog from your dashboard and click Edit. Click Save: and in the Save Menu, click the (+) sign to add a tag: #GlogContest2013

Select Public (not Reglog) and Click Finish Saving. Done!

Any NextGen Glog not already in Glogpedia is eligible. Or you can create a new Glog!

Only NextGen Glogs are Eligible

Premium Teacher accounts can tag student Glogs without editing them. Just click on the Glog to view it.

Below the Glog, you can tag it in the Educator Menu. Tag the Glog with #GlogContest2013

Click: Submit Changes, and You're Done!



  • irania13 7 years ago

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    Soy de Panama hay problema para este concurso??? me encanta estas herramientas y las imparto en mis clases