Ethan Heusterberg: How to Ride a Skateboard

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 Ethan Heusterberg: How to Ride a Skateboard

step:fiveNever get pulled by a dogs, a car,or people on bikes. I perfer doing lesson first.This is very dangerous you can fall very hard.If you mess up fall forwards on your shoudler, butox, or tuck and roll.

How to Ride a Skateboardby:Ethan heusterberg

Step:twoYou will need to wear worn out jeans,old short sleeve tshirt, and flat bottom shoes.

Step:fiveYou can start doing tricks for the skateboard two are 360 or invert.

Step:oneYou will need a skateboard,knee pads, elbowpads,and a helmet.

Step:fourIf you push with your right foot you are goffy your left would be regular.

Step:threeMake sure the wheeles are free flowing and not tight and your trucks are loose.


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