How to raise genius

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How to raise genius

How to raise genius

Fourthly, observational learning plays an important role in the growth of children, parent have to play as a desirable model for children to observe. And this is also a mutual process, parent also need to observe children for their behavior to correct or applaud them.because every child’s capability is unequal, they are classified into “easy”,”difficult”,”Slow to warm up”. Every parent need to spend different effort for different child, 1.Take oath to child after consideration, and fulfill the oath once it is made.2.Stand on child’s position to think:If I am my child, what will I do.3.When child is witnessing, show our best side to child. Kindness, passion, sympathy and so on.4.Base on child’s manifestation give punishment and reward moderately.

Base on theory

Sixthly, since the born of every child, they are undergoing socialization, from understanding it to become independent and involve into it, by the time, there is a significant landmark for everyone, 18 years old. In this process, friendship(particularly) develops from age of 3 or 4 to their end all the way,from 7 to 12 years old, children develop the morality of mutual relationships and psychologist also advocate that sense of security is gained from being with other members of the peer group. And what should parent do on this part is,1.Provide child with private space.2.Allow child to choose by themselves.(1-3)years,child develop their own choice.3.Encourage child to not depend on adults.4.Understand what friends does child have, this is crucial.

Firstly, parents have to focus on positive and negative reinforcement, correctly utilize punishment and reinforcement because which determines the reoccurence of voluntary behavior. According to theory, from birth to two years old, child learn what is right and punishment. And according to theory, the children from 3 to 6 years old, what is right to them is what benefits them.So parent need to, 1. Don’t mention child’s painful memory just for reminding them. Parents can use” good boy “ or “good girl” to motivate them.(7--12years old) Child develop the orientation of”good boy and nice girl”2. Point out child’s mistake seriously but not excessively.(0-2 years old)3. Care about child but moderate punishment is necessary, don’t try to cover child’s defection.(0-2 years old)4. Never abusing child for punishment.(0-2 years old)5. Do not applaud child excessively or he will have the tendency to pursuit fame and credit. It’s better to say”You are work hard or you have done greatly, keep going”, these words can make give them more passion.(0-2years old)6.Do not teach a child to engage in undesirable thing, such fight back during a fight, don’t share his food with others or don’t buy the ticket when taking a bus to save money. Try to show a child good perspective of live and tell them how to blend into it.(0-2 years old)7.Take the child and let them grasp and perceive the object with their own hand and sensation system, and repeat it in his memory by showing picture or telling him the name for him to recall.(0-2) During this stage, child develop the concept of object permanence.(2-7)Children develop the symbolic function, and they are able to represent object and events.

Secondly, parents need to control the conditioning reaction of child, because when teach the child to react to particular stimuli, children will usually show conditioned response including obey and doesn’t consider aftermath.This is connected with different types of parents, and authoritative parents set high but realistic standards, reason with child, enforce limit, and encourage open communication and independence with children, from 0 to 2 years old, child develops the concept of object permanence too.Parents should,1.Don’t be too strict with child, in case the child become afraid and restricted to express their own opinion.This mislead child firstly to the way of avoidance learning then it becomes to escape learning. Ask a child” What’s your opinion?” when having discussion.(1-3years old)Children are able to express their will and independence and make choices.2.Don’t care child too much, don’t be close to child too much, don’t give anything to child that they want. Provide independence, limitation to a child.(0-2)Child learn to trust and depending, they know what is right and punishment.4.Don’t use the term “Silly,stupid,ponderous”, these terms prevent children from thinking, induce escape learning, because they will try to solve problem as less as they can. We can use the sentence ”You just didn’t think it through, try it again.” to encourage a child. (7-12years old)Children are able to think logically in concrete situations, they can start to do or make something. If we discourage them to think they will become less and less active in the future.

Thirdly, parents should teach their children to be nice, convert type A behavior pattern into type B behavior pattern. Listen to what our children say, be patience, be helpful, be happy, when you show your child type B behavior pattern, your child will try to learn from you by observational learning.And try to raise child’s kindness.(0-2) Parents can let child know this is right and raise admirable personality.

Ninth, from 7 to 12 years old .children are able to think logically in concrete situation. They also embrace with the morality of mutual relationships. During this stage they begin to grasp their duty and respecting.Parents should,1.Forbid child to make wish arbitrarily, fulfill promise as best as they can if they make their promises.2.Give child moderate responsibility and pressure.3.Let child understand “effort and fruition,duty and benefits.”4.Parents can play chess with child and remind them,don’t regret and be responsible for your choice.

Eighth, the preparational stage(2-7 years old) study children learn to express their will and independence and make choices. Give them right and chance to choose.They also begin to initiate activities, to plan and undertake tasks.Parents should,1.Don’t impose our unfulfilled dream on our children,impose child to learn what they are sick of. Parents should helps them to deliberate, to choose and they will find their best way.And also allow them to create something.2.Find charming progress that is worth to be applauded in the thing that children engage in. And give positive reinforcement on it.3. Focusing on raise child’s viability and helpful habits.Such as ask child to engage in some chore that they can do.4.Give child concrete time and space to “play”.(reminding:And keep persisting because from 7 to 12 years old child can start to do and make something.)

Tenth, study of the formal operation stage(more than 12 years old) is also an integral part of raising genius, no matter study from where.After the age of 12,adolescents begin learns to think logically in abstract situation, they become interest in the world of idea, they learn to test hypothetical-deductive thinking. Parent needs to,1.Focus on comprehensive perspective of child’s improvement instead of scores only.2.Allow child to receive information from multiple information source,(such as encyclopedia) and give them time to grasp more about present colorful. world situation so that they can measure it by themselves and develop a sense of self and consider a future occupational identity.

It’s undeniable that every family hopes to have a genius, but not every family fulfill its dream. And when we eliminate inferior factors such as heredity, and cultural difference. Parents are what important for raising genius.

Seventh, by the way, parent shouldn’t ignore child when they confront with important decision, parent can also consider their child’s opinion. This is problem-focused coping strategy.

Fifthly, it comes to entertaining part, entertainment is essential educating method which allows child to understand more about outside word but it is also misleading if it has no limitation. Hence, parents need to allow child to access media and restrict the time and content.Children can learn through medias,1.Exercise,watch TV, play computer game,read story... together!2.Control the length of time that child watch TV from thirty minutes to one hour.3.The content include cartoon,quiz show...but not action movie,sitcom...


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